Time for repose, Bordighera, Italy

Time for repose, Bordighera, Italy

To achieve success in your daily professional activities, taking time for stillness is essential. These moments of repose allow hidden knowledge and fresh, creative perspectives to surface.

Repose can be as simple as finding a quiet space, like your room, closing the door, and saying to yourself, “I am now alone with myself.” This simple act brings profound relief and sometimes a hint of intimidation, creating a deep sense of detachment from external demands and distractions.

Repose can also be achieved through specific activities such as engaging in breathing practices (Pranayama), practicing yin yoga, or adopting Qi gong postures. These practices are designed to strike a balance between activity and tranquility, bringing you closer to your inner peace and connecting with your Soul.

At this time, I offer contemplation and meditation retreats on a one-on-one basis, tailored to your current needs. Whether you seek contemplation on life’s questions or wish to explore uncharted territories within your consciousness, these retreats are thoughtfully designed to facilitate personal growth and self-discovery.

Taking the time for repose is not a luxury; it is a necessity for achieving balance and well-being in your professional and personal lives. Embrace these moments of stillness and contemplation, and you will find yourself better equipped to navigate the challenges and joys of life with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.

Among the various retreat spaces, I have found the monastery at Villa Garnier in Bordighera, Italy, to be particularly conducive for embracing repose and communing with the Self. Do you feel drawn to join? If you are interested feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or reach out to me at info@jironet.com for a preparatory conversation. I would be delighted to discuss the retreat opportunities and how they can be tailored to meet your individual needs.