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You are a senior executive at a large or mid-sized organization facing a phase of impactful change. A new director is joining your Board, a complex merger is afoot, or you are about to embark on a culture shift. But how to ensure positive transformation? As a modern leader, you know that the present challenge provides opportunity. Taking advantage of the situation is a matter of creating clarity and cohesive vision within your team. At the same time, you also want to ensure that all stakeholders feel involved and that everyone is invested in a clearly demarcated, collaborative future. Easier said than done, perhaps. But this is exactly where my expertise lies.

I bring a deep understanding of high-level interpersonal dynamics, and decades of experience assisting top executives develop the insight needed for true, positive transformation at personal, professional and organizational levels. As an accomplished space-holder, I work to ensure that your every move is aligned with a clear, powerful vision through:

  • Clarity about objectives

  • Shared vision and engagement

  • Alignment of actions and communications

  • Confidence-based foundation

With the benefit of an international, multi-disciplinary perspective I am a trusted partner, guiding successful corporate transitions both abroad and in the Netherlands. Within any situation, I offer a ‘bigger picture’ view, for you, your team, and the organization as a whole.

Together, we find options for a safe and powerful transition embedded in a co-creative, strategic and efficient framework. Where necessary, I invite top Dutch and international faculty from my extensive network as topic-specific resources to support your process.

Vier en half jaar heb ik intensief samengewerkt met Karin in het fusieproces tussen twee Nederlandse ziekenhuizen. De fusie is in hoog tempo en in ( relatief) goede harmonie tot stand gebracht. Dit is mede dankzij de kennis, inzet, betrokkenheid en toewijding van Karin gerealiseerd. Zij heeft niet alleen veel kennis van organisaties, maar bovenal ook veel kennis van psychologie van de mensen, hoe zij zich voelen in zo’n grote transitie en hoe hen daarin op veilige wijze mee te nemen. Op een bescheiden wijze adviseert zij op basis van bovengenoemde. Als je dit combineert met haar relativeringsvermogen en grote gevoel voor humor begrijp je waarom zij van onschatbare waarde was bij ons fusieproces.

Paul, CEO

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