Bespoke, personal full-immersion journey for senior executives




– 48 HOURS –

As a senior leader in a large or mediumsized organization, you are faced with multiple challenges and unending demands. How do you fix that, without compromising intensity? In this 48-hour personalized immersive you will experience heightened self-awareness, energy and cognizance. In Airole, outside your usual framework, you will laugh, discover, surprise yourself, and experience a profound shift in perspective as you find balance, groundedness, and liberation. A total reset.

You are actively seeking a new balance, and ready for a boldly refreshed leadership perspective. During this immersion, you will hit pause on your ego, connect with your higher Self, and anchor your embodied gravitas in your core values.


Leaders who embark on this journey invariably are already very successful in their role and (again) in transition. You know there is more to be achieved in life and that now is the time to make a move. The next step might well be prompted by external circumstances such as assuming a new responsibility or a career shift, but can just as well be in response to an intrinsic organic growth impulse.


In advance of the immersion, we connect so I can determine suitable thematic approaches, and a framework for our 48 hours.

Thematic approaches for your journey may include, for example, alchemy, sustainability, dream work and analysis, personal lifeline and its connection to ancestry, or playing with politics.

During the retreat, techniques adopted to work through your theme(s) may include:

  • Insight conversations
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Outdoor exercises
  • Acting
  • Stargazing
  • Literature, art and poetry
  • Extremely limited online presence

An experience of a lifetime, entering into one of the deepest mysteries of this existence. A process so soft, yet potent like nothing before. A serum of truth revealing the layers and constructions which the eye can never see. Entering fully into existing in a dream and still completely awake to observe. Leaving a long carried luggage behind, so light, so free.

Elinor H., CEO, Stockholm, Sweden

During the retreat I was able to find and feel what was blocking me to make a next step. In the medieval village of Airole, surrounded by beautiful nature and in the safe place of an Italian community village, Karin was my guardian angel in this spiritual, physical, thoughtful, and creative process. In which I found my inner source, femininity and power. I left very light, full of energy and eagerness to live and make a difference. In other words ready for the next step and returning to the game with fun and ambition.

Sharon O., EVP Digital, Paris, France

In the serene mountains of Airole, I experienced beauty by feeling, facing and accepting what is. Grateful for the trust and inspiration it brought and the realisation of my intrinsic ambition.

Didi G., CSO, Member of the Board, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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