A Personal Leadership Trajectory



You are professionally successful, holding a leadership position, perhaps at a professional firm or a mid-sized to large organization. People and processes depend on you and in turn you feel responsible, especially in terms of overseeing interpersonal dynamics and ensuring smooth high-level communication. Your habitual course of action is interrupted and you look for renewed energy, vitality and a feeling of truly meaningful purpose to guide you. At first glance it might appear to be one facet of your life – marriage / relationships, professional pursuits, social commitments – but in essence, it is you who turn and churn, so all areas of your life are lit up. An awakening is taking place within that calls you to respond in action. Together we will reflect on the multiple dimensions of your personal transition: Body, mind, heart, soul and spirit as well as the more biographical aspects of your being. What is your calling? How did it evolve? The journey is yours, sacred and confidential. As a quiet witness, I guide you on the path towards your deeper self-awareness, flourishing and satisfaction.

Insights that may arise include:

  • Self-awareness in challenging situations and encounters
  • Command of myself in an unwanted position or difficult meeting
  • Speaking up, softly or loudly as I choose, in the present moment
  • Standing up, facing facts, acting with force, showing respect
  • My deeply rooted humanity, unity with all

Karin Jironet is a master of her craft in every sense of the word. Her understanding of the terrain of personal and group transformation is deep, grounded, and effective. Where the marketplace of coaches and guides is filled with cheap imitations, Karin has the potency of true quality. Watching Karin work is an inspiration because she brings a quality of presence and skill to each encounter that almost like magic results in breakthroughs, insights, and lasting transformation. But it’s not magic, it is decades of serious study, practice, and working with hundreds of people. Karin is a treasure not to be missed.

Senior Training Sufi, Los Angeles

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You may join a Personal Leadership Trajectory in person or online.

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