In times of global transition of power realignment, each individual participates in the creation of a common future.

Modern leadership is moving away from hierarchy towards a work environment that is based on trust, coexistence, diversity, and relationships. The key question for today’s leaders is, “How can I harness love and power to be a better leader?”


For over two decades, I have been an experienced partner in times of transition and assist leaders by applying spiritual principles to organizational transformation, boardroom dynamics, and individual leadership development. Using strategic design, I instigate a higher level of consciousness in the daily practice of leaders in major organizations.


To me, language and writing are crucial, as meaning, semiotics and cognition – and how these translate into culture and nature – are essential to improving how we interact in our business and personal lives. I am an acclaimed author of multiple books and articles on new approaches to leadership and organizational development.


I hold a Masters in Linguistics and Ethnology and a Bachelor of Medical Science in Speech Pathology from Lund University, Sweden. After earning my PhD in Theology, Psychology of Religion, at the University of Amsterdam, I published on Sufi mysticism as a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University. I trained as a Jungian psychoanalyst in Zurich and currently serve on the board of the Charter for Compassion and the Circle Economy, as well as on PhD committees internationally.


Connecting with others is fundamental to my methodology as well as a personal passion. I am always curious to communicate with people who share enthusiasm for dynamic organizational transformation and bold, modern leadership. To this end, I offer group and individual retreats both in Italy  and the Netherlands.