Dr. Karin Jironet guides through periods of transition whether personal, professional or social.

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Feminine Leadership

Feminine Leadership: Personal Development Beyond Polarities illustrates how contemporary leaders may seek to renew the very notion of leadership through their own personal development.In an accessible and engaging style, Karin Jironet demonstrates the process of personal transformation using Dante’s seven sins and virtues, explains the value of psychology and spirituality for leadership roles, and presents a pioneering and refreshed vision of leadership that meets present global demands for social cohesion and sustainability.

Dream of Love

Randall and Hana have both hit a personal crisis. A chance meeting on a sunny morning in India is about to change their lives. After a passionate encounter in Rome, they find themselves entwined, yet apart. Visions, insights and twists of fate collude as they walk a fine line between dream and reality. Playing out across three continents, Dream of Love delves deeply into the mysteries of relationship and its meaning. This is a story of how they transcend their demons in the name of love.

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