Psycho-spiritual retreats – New Delhi

The consciousness of meditation became wholly a part of my life during this retreat, making work and private life more fulfilling. – Raoul Witteveen, Argo Capital, New York.

Drawing on ancient techniques to achieve renewal: a deeper and broader experience of yourself within your life – this is the aim of retreats in New Delhi.

To accomplish a psycho-spiritual breakthrough, however, it does not suffice to withdraw from the profane world. Consciously acquiring a new way of living requires intensive individual training.

This small group training targets high achieving individuals who have reached a critical point in their personal transition and are looking to make a radical new move.

In the serenity of the Dargha of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the 20th century Sufi mystic, you will discover venerable Sufi practices that nourish intuition and creation.

My over twenty years of training and research in these Sufi practices serve to realise your transition.

You will return to your life not only recharged, but also veritably renewed.