Individual counselling – Amsterdam

Upon first impression, I was a bit intimidated by Dr. Jironet’s presence and professional stature. However, getting down to business, this impression was displaced by the egalitarian and intuitive manner of working that prompted my best to emerge and guide me into channels I had not previously thought possible. – V’Soske, Inc, New York

Individual counseling provides an opportunity to work towards a way of living that is more fulfilling, positive and effective. It helps you question the way you see things and can help you develop new strategies for dealing with your particular situation.

True insight and deeply felt knowledge of who you really are can only be developed through the process of analysis and personal growth. There are no shortcuts to self-knowledge.

As a trained psychoanalyst, I know this process inside and out. Having worked nearly 20 years in both individual and corporate contexts, I am an experienced guide for your personal transition.