Strategic Advisor – Zurich

Karin Jironet is spot-on. She has addressed the elephant in the room, the real issues between people during this retreat making a difference for our business, the management team and myself.

– Senior Vice President, ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam

Executive development offers tailor-made solutions suitable to corporations, empowering these businesses to face future challenges. In times of rising expectations for the executive board, you can choose to be ready with what it takes.

The goal of board room development is to foster genuinely creative engagement that reaches the core of what matters. This goal is achieved by going beyond the obvious through a learning experience that is both uncommon and thorough. When such an experience is shared by leadership, the resulting creative engagement touches the entire company.

I have an established and reliable practice within corporate settings in teaching how challenges offer us an opportunity for growth.

With Murray Stein, President ISAPZURICH, I offer Board-room retreats.