“Dream of Love” article on the International Leadership Association

“Dream of Love” article on the International Leadership Association

Dream of Love: Exploring the Inner Work of Modern, Quantum Leadership Through the NovelThe Challenges Faced in Modern Leadership

Until recently, successful leadership meant excelling at managing material and processes. Management literature focused on operational and financial processes. But a new paradigm is emerging.

The lens through which we perceive the world, our whole cognitive, emotional, and spiritual framework, is categorically different compared to the linear model that prevailed throughout the industrial era.

Propelled by advances in technology and natural sciences, mainstream society has begun to acknowledge the interconnectedness between human beings, and also between ourselves and objects, nature, and even the cosmos. Fast-paced environmental, financial, and demographic shifts – together with globalization and increasing societal complexity – create a new context, to which leaders can only adapt through an alternate way of thinking and perceiving. Interconnection isn’t new, but technology driven developments demand direct and immediate cognizance of interconnection.

As a consequence, the modern leader’s focal point shifts from the individual – that is, my consciousness of the world around me and the other’s consciousness of the same – to what lies in between and in fact everywhere: the interface of consciousness with consciousness. They must become conscious leaders.