Writing, Rome Italy


Writing, Rome Italy

Although the reality of ‘leadership’ is being informed by greater consciousness in many places, the collapsing of established structures is nevertheless disturbing and when the consequences hit close to home, it is unnerving.

It has become obvious that globalization, advances in computers and robotics, and, shifts in the ecosystem evince that an era is dawning which requires an entirely different mindset. That goes most certainly for the notion of ‘leadership’. For recent insights on how climate change alone will contribute to this, see This Changes Everything, (http://www.amazon.com/This-Changes-Everything-Capitalism-Climate/dp/1451697384).

I work on two books now; a novel and Leadership For A Healthy World: Creative Social Change. Kathryn Goldman-Schuyler, John Baugher, Lena Lid Falkman and I form the editorial team for this International Leadership Association’s publication. We live in different parts of the world, in different time zones and cultures, and with different biographies, educations and professions. Yet, we have a common mindset and close affinity with the leadership field. The medium – online conversations – seems to create a liminal space of sorts; it is not a professional meeting yet not a social meeting but a base for sharing our personal stories within the professional framework. Our conversations yield originality, cohesion and momentum- and produce good books. In 2013 we edited the 2014 publication:

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When I was asked to design and conduct a two-day leadership development program in Geneva, for the top-30 talent from a large international company, an important item to be addressed was on-line meeting procedures. How do we get together when we (me in Tokyo, you in New York) are not together? Drawing on my personal experience from the meetings so gracefully hosted by Kathryn, I pulled together some thoughts in a upcoming video that will be available in January 2015.