The Image of Spiritual Liberty

The Image of Spiritual Liberty; in the Western Sufi Movement following Hazrat Inayat Khan

This book provides valuable lessons on personal development, and the quest for self-realization, based on the Sufi wisdom. The book explores how present-day Sufis seek to experience spiritual liberty in daily life, by following the teachings of Indian mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan.
The Sufi Movement understands the Unity of Being as the mystical relationship between God, man and creation, transcending particular religious beliefs. Through esoteric practices, the individual is taught to leave the confinement of the ego, and to incorporate more complex images of the self. This book investigates the implications of Sufi teachings for individual and organizational development. The book also offers insight into the historical development of the Sufi Movement and its reception in the Netherlands.

The Image of Spiritual Liberty’ can also be read as a thought-provoking case for an international organization based on spiritual inspiration. It offers valuable pointers for leaders, especially in the time when engagement and passion become ever more important.
Peter ten Hopen, in magazine ‘Bres’