De rol van het geweten

How Does Conscience Impact the Professional Choices of Corporate Leaders?

The Role of Conscience. Personal Choices of Leaders in Dutch Corporations (in Dutch)
Several leaders of large Dutch corporations speak open-heartedly to Vriesendorp and Jironet about their efforts to remain true to the dictates of their conscience with the resulting contributions towards a better functioning of their company and society.
Although conscience is rarely discussed in public, it proves to be a powerful inner force, urging to look beyond the obvious, and helping leaders to overcome their fear of making the wrong choice.
The Introductory, a reflection on conscience, was written by Herman Wijffels, of World Bank Group Executive Director and former Chairman of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands.

Finally, a book about the real issues playing a role in responsible management. Interesting and educative. Highly recommended!
Reader-review, website
Met veel plezier heb ik "De rol van het geweten" gelezen. Het is een boek dat niet te moeilijk geschreven is en je kunt elke avond een interview lezen. Dit boek is interessant leesvoer voor iedereen, ter inspiratie, vermaak of om bij elke borrel een gespreksonderwerp te hebben. Ook leuk als cadeau, trouwens!
Reader-review, website