In Claritas Fall Retreat, Denver USA

23 Oct In Claritas Fall Retreat, Denver USA

Anton Camarota, Denver University, helped realizing the In Claritas Fall retreat. He also delved into the guidance process, offered the DU case study and identified the challenges for its new leadership. Holding these three parallel aspects of governance for the future within one frame of mind, is in itself an aspect of what we believe to be critical for the future of governance. This is his personal reflection:

Anton G. Camarota“For me, the In Claritas guidance is about creating a space of emergence in the gap between reality and possibility. The group energy is a relational container for coming to know one another, our essence, and what we cannot not do in our lives. Sharing the heart energy allows us to avoid being stuck in either reality or possibility, and instead focusing on the place between. The In Claritas guidance is about understanding at a deep level what actions are worth taking, and which are not. When we form as a group, we understand what it means to be true to our own gifts, true to our perceptions of the world’s needs, and true to the spot where our gifts and the world’s needs intersect.”