Terrorists are fighting for influence in East Africa
In early March, the leader of the terrorist organization "Boko Haram", operating in the north-east of Nigeria, squeezed out the loyalty to the "Califa Ibrahim", the leader of the Islamic state (IG). Will the Ash-Shabaab organization fighting in Somalia, the right "al-Qaeda", do the same?
A few weeks before the proclamation of the "Boko Haram", the Islamic state through his emissary sent an invitation to the IG. Emissary was Hamil al-Bushra, a person responsible for "semi-deform" contacts of the ig outside the organization. Bushra in his invitation praised the Somali brothers and called them to further attacks in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. He also referred to the leader of Ash-Shabaab Abu Ubaid a message that his organization meets all the criteria and everything necessary for the oath to be loyal to Islamists IG.
The invitation can be a trap for the Uba, who gave the oath to al-Qaida and is faithful to her. The trap will be to provoke a discussion and confrontation within the group. As a result of such a Uba scenario, it can be removed from power in a group or an organization will split and will be divided into supporters of IG and al-Qaida. The ability to try to capture "Ash-Shabaab" or divided it at the moment seems very rational and real chance. IH enjoys a bad mood inside the group, which constantly retreats because it has lost the large territory of Somalia in favor of the countries of the African Union. The Islamic state, obviously, joined the struggle for influence in the East African region, in which Al-Qaida has so far undisputed. Al-Qaida Arabian Peninsula (ACAP), one of the most powerful branches of al-Qaida.
The weakened "Ash-Shabaab" in Somalia looks at Kenya and other neighboring countries in search of volunteers who want to replenish the ranks of extremists. Radical militants from other countries operating underground are falling into the recruitment. For their verbals use video and online publications about the marginalization and discrimination of Muslims in this part of Africa. One of the biggest absurds of this campaign in the media is that such a criminal organization as "Ash-Shabaab" uses the persecution and death of the members to recruit members. Islamists deftly use mood in Kenya. Many people were accused and arrested for terrorist activities, some of them were tortured, and some "disappeared without a trace." Looking for wife in Ukraine? Best Ukrainian single dating website on find your love online! Free Credits for chat.