Through The Spaces Of The Dark, Oxford England

29 Aug Through The Spaces Of The Dark, Oxford England

It was a great honor for me to be invited to speak at the Guild of Pastoral Psychology ( of which C.G. Jung is founder patron. The theme of the year was Through The Spaces Of The Dark. My talk was on how changes in society necessitate adaptation of leadership and how female leadership qualities may support this shift.

The Guild forms a very special group of individual scholars and practitioners embodying both tradition, and, as became apparent during our second day meeting, preparedness for renewal.

We found out how awareness of rebirth plays a decisive role as we all inevitably move forward. And that the opportunity is now to build awareness of how the Jungian body of knowledge can meet with today’s call for greater meaning. Through the practice of action and reflection we felt how true renewal cannot be thought up, but must be experienced in the present and revealed through our interactions with one another.