Creating Awareness of Transformation for Leading Organizations, Milan, Italy

11 Nov Creating Awareness of Transformation for Leading Organizations, Milan, Italy

Our world is transforming at an incredible pace – and it always has been. What’s new this time is that our categories of mind are changing. Leadership, growth, power; well-known concepts, start to mean something very different for modern organizations.

Today’s leaders must be aware, open, and respond with complete consciousness to the challenges they face and urgently embrace interconnectivity; place value in relationships based on trust, intuition, and respect; implicitly understand the implicate order of things; and revise outdated definitions of power. The beauty of this challenge is that it brings fulfillment, personal transformation, and evolution on such a deep level that it becomes immensely rewarding. It is a life changing transformation, and there are examples of leaders who have undertaken this transformation.

Notions of consciousness, applied intuition, and
personal development in a senior leadership
setting are best understood through experience
and specific examples rather than theoretical
postulations. In our experiential workshop we
will invite you to touch base with your core and
your potential for awareness of transformation
through creativity, confidence and character.
Things Change All the Time, but Sometimes It’s Never the Same:
Creating Awareness of Transformation for Leading Organizations
Milan, Italy, 11 November 2017
We will be guiding you through a process
• The transforming context of leadership
• Challenges to a worldview
• Consciousness for a new era
• Awareness of impact
• Deep listening
• Close attunement
• New narrative, new meaning
• Transformational shift