Female Leadership

Dante’s Purgatory – A Guide to Balanced Leadership

Female Leadership. Management, Jungian Psychology, Spirituality and the Global Journey Through Purgatory

Exploring the nature of female leadership, this book takes the reader on a psycho-spiritual journey through Dante’s Purgatory, and the seven sins and virtues he encounters. Working with (e.g.), pride, anger, greed, or lust along the path of personal development, the book investigates how to overcome the tension between inner motivations and outer expectations in order to achieve true leadership.

‘Female Leadership’ is based on more than ten years of work with women holding leadership positions in Dutch multinationals. It will be of great interest to all professionals who wish to familiarize themselves with personal leadership development, and to learn how Jungian theory has been put into practice in this field.

In this work Karin Jironet offers all of us guidance in moving toward a goal that is fresh and new – spiritual and psychological leadership within the difficult and confining spaces of modernity but also based rigorously upon ancient psychological and spiritual principles.
Murray Stein, from the Foreword
This is a book partly about women's experience of leadership, but far more than that. Karin Jironet is a psychoanalyst who has specialised in working with women in their relations to power, leadership and responsibility. She explores these issues with great insight and clarity through the analogue of Dante's Purgatory. The analogy works well: Dante, guided by Virgil and inspired by Beatrice, journeys through seven levels of purgatory, each characterised ...
Jonathan Gosling, Professor of Leadership Studies, University of Exeter Business School
A wonderfully inspiring and insightful book. This is not just about women or about leadership. This is about discovering how to let go of all of that which stops us from experiencing life to its fullest.
Reader-review, Barnes&Noble website