In Claritas Foundation was created by Harry Starren and Karin Jironet in 2011 in response to the question: What is the future of governance? The question is born from the enormity of the dilemmas we face and the paucity of solutions emerging from our current schemes of governance. In Claritas is dedicated to discovering and understanding “the how” in which ways of personal and public conduct, participation, and creativity can play a defining role in transforming the way we lead and are led in the future.

Nederlandse Associatie voor Analytische Psychologie

De Nederlandse Associatie voor Analytische Psychologie (NAAP) is een vereniging van Jungiaanse Analytici in Nederland. De grondslag voor de Analytische Psychologie is gelegd door Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) en  verder ontwikkeld door latere analytici. Het doel van de NAAP is het op wetenschappelijk niveau bevorderen en ontwikkelen van de Analytische Psychologie in Nederland. 


Circle Economy has been initiated by Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, former CEO Bols Royal Distilleries and Remy Cointreau, in 2009. As his experience in the business world grew, so did Robert-Jan’s belief that our current system is malfunctioning; a finite system of take-make-waste that has led us to live in, not only an economical crisis, but an ecological and cultural crisis as well. Therefore, we need a fundamental shift of our entire system. The only way to get this done is by collaboration in a non-threatening environment. A platform characterized by an inclusive model where companies, organizations, and changemakers from different worlds can join and find each other to accelerate this transition together.

International Association for analytical Psychology

The International Association for Analytical Psychology was founded in 1955 by a group of psychoanalysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung.  Today the IAAP recognizes 58 groups and societies throughout the world, and over 3000 analysts trained in accordance with standards established by the Association.  The Association and its members support triennial congresses, as well as other academic and clinical meetings, that advance research in depth psychology.

The Guild of Pastoral Psychology

The Guild of Pastoral Psychology offers a rich forum for anyone interested in understanding the relationship between spirituality, religion and depth psychology, with particular reference to the work and writings of C.G.Jung.

The Guild was founded in 1937, with Jung as its Patron. Two years later, Jung gave his talk "The Symbolic Life" to the Guild suggesting that "Only the symbolic life can express the needs of the soul"  (Pamphlet 80). Since those days many eminent psychologists and spiritual thinkers have spoken at the Guild, and the Guild's Pamphlets, based on those Lectures have achieved international recognition. The Guild today also organises conferences and workshops and co-ordinates a number of Guild Groups around the UK and Australia.

International Association for the

Psychology of Religion

The International Association for the Psychology of Religion (IAPR) is an international organization promoting the scientific research and exchange within the field of the psychology of religion. The Association is not partial to any particular trend but aspires to provide a platform for the entire spectrum of the scientific-psychological study of religion for psychologists of religion from all over the world.