In Claritas Fall Retreat 2012, continued, Denver USA

26 Oct In Claritas Fall Retreat 2012, continued, Denver USA

Harry and I offered the In Claritas Fall Retreat to a group of 20 members who had come from different continents to Denver University. We worked directly with organizations, implementing the guidance principles that have emerged in previous retreats.
Working with these cases, generously and transparently showed what governance dilemmas look like in companies representing the important sectors of education, publication and finance. There we discovered in an experiential manner how guidance principles leading to renewal actually work in practice.
We saw how In Claritas offers an answer to governance dilemmas that we are all facing as “organizing” continues to shift away from the well-known hierarchical, strategy-driven and uniformity-inclined principles.
In Claritas guidance is a joy to practice, not simply because it works but because it brings satisfaction to deep personal growth.