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19th August 2017

In Claritas Fall Retreat 2012, continued, Denver USA

Harry and I offered the In Claritas Fall Retreat to a group of 20 members who had come from different continents to Denver University. We worked directly with organizations, implementing the guidance principles that have...

19th August 2017

International Leadership Association, Denver USA

On the day that Obama visits Denver in pursuit of votes, the International Leadership Association opens its 14th Global Conference here, "Leadership Across the Great Divides". With the following quote the ILA President set the tone:...

19th August 2017

In Claritas Fall Retreat, Denver USA

Anton Camarota, Denver University, helped realizing the In Claritas Fall retreat. He also delved into the guidance process, offered the DU case study and identified the challenges for its new leadership. Holding these three parallel...

19th August 2017

Cooperation, Rome Italy

Together with Marta Tibaldi, Jungian psychoanalyst, I organize retreats for women supporting their personal and professional development through creativity and with a tailored cross-cultural and bilingual approach....

19th August 2017

One Planet Many Worlds, London England

I attended the International Leadership Association's annual conference in London. The theme was: One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership Professor Jonathan Gosling, Chairman of the conference, opened and set the tone: How do...

19th August 2017

De Baak International Exchange, Barcelona Spain

The international desk at de Baak has as its purpose to further collaboration and exchange with compatible partners. We are looking to establish solid ground for professional expansion especially in Europe but also in China...

19th August 2017

De Baak Executive Development, Düsseldorf Germany

For the benefit of 12 senior executives of a large multinational company, Jo Krill, partner at Insights Learning and Development, and I brought together our specific expertise to help develop their leadership capabilities. Jo’s model,...

19th August 2017

Europe Think Tank Book Work, Zürich Switzerland

The Europe think tank is one of the most interesting and rewarding projects that I have ever had the honor to lead. A group of 30 thinkers, business leaders, authors, professionals in a variety of...