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19th August 2017

Through The Spaces Of The Dark, Oxford England

It was a great honor for me to be invited to speak at the Guild of Pastoral Psychology ( of which C.G. Jung is founder patron. The theme of the year was Through The Spaces...

19th August 2017

Meeting Peter Senge, Utrecht Netherlands

Peter Senge presented his work elegantly and eloquently. He spoke to the power of listening as a means of bringing forth something new. He talked about how to ‘listen someone into listening’ as part of...

19th August 2017

Dutch Labor Relations Journey, Amsterdam Netherlands

For seven years, De Baak has organized the annual Dutch Labor Relations Journey. It was started as an initiative by the CEO, Harry Starren, to create an opportunity for the different parties of the Dutch...

19th August 2017

Urs celebration, New Delhi India

The Urs celebration is a commemoration of the passing away of a Sufi Saint. I attended the Urs for Hazrat Inayat Khan, celebrated at the Dargha in the Basti, Nizamuddin. This year’s Urs was hosted...

19th August 2017

Fall Retreat, Nice France

The In Claritas ( retreat in Nice was built around a practice that enhances awareness of how to consciously experience living with the small and big cycles that are beyond any personal narrative of life. During...

19th August 2017

Executive Development, Srinagar Kashmir

Anil Sachdev, founder of the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), a private business school located close to Delhi, kindly invited Anne Stadler and me to join him in working with a group of about 25...

19th August 2017

Asheville Seminar, Zürich Switzerland

Apocalypse - Death, Birth and What's In-between The Asheville Seminar on the Apocalypse with Dr. Murray Stein, Dr. Karin Jironet and Nancy Furlotti....

19th August 2017

Gradiva Award, New York USA

It was a great honor for me that Female Leadership (2012) was nominated for the best book of the year by the Gradiva Award. The Award is offered by the National Association for the Advancement of...