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27th July 2017


“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” - Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmi During my lecture at ISAPZURICH I showed how Sufi mysticism and Jung’s notion of individuation point in the same direction: Freedom from the...

27th July 2017

Q + A with Karin Jironet, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Why the combination of Love + Power is the next big thing in leadership. This article was published on October 24, 2016 in issue 71 of 360 Magazine. To read and download the article please click here. ...

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27th July 2017

The Integrated Work of Leadership© Workshop, Indianapolis, USA

My friend Katherine Tyler Scott offers a workshop that I wish to bring to your attention: The Integrated Work of Leadership© Workshop September 22 & 23, 2016, Indianapolis, IN Katherine is the Managing Principal of Ki ThoughtBridge, a company committed...

27th July 2017

An inspiring dialog, Berlin Germany

An inspiring dialogue in Berlin on art, music, and, the Golden Hat, a Bronze age calendar that was used to determine both lunar and solar dates as well as their conversions. You may find it...

27th July 2017


It was again a very rich experience working with eminent scholars Kathryn Goldman Schuyler and John Baugher and some of the most challenges questions the world faces today – how to create social change? Together...

27th July 2017

A meeting of hearts, the Netherlands

Anodea Judith offered a workshop in Holland, which I was privileged to join. Among other topics we discussed her work: The Global Heart Awakens. Written some years ago, it seems timelier than ever, as we are...

27th July 2017

Writing, Rome Italy

Although the reality of ‘leadership’ is being informed by greater consciousness in many places, the collapsing of established structures is nevertheless disturbing and when the consequences hit close to home, it is unnerving. It has become...

27th July 2017

Old Stone Farm retreat, New York USA

A group of legal women invited me to guide them through a retreat focusing on developing their female leadership qualities. To get away from the city and the major financial institutions where many of them...

27th July 2017

Meditation, Lumbini Nepal

I travelled to a monastery in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in 563BCE where I had the great privilege of attending a one-week intensive meditation under the guidance of Venerable U Vivekananda. U Vivekananda...