Dr. Karin Jironet guides through periods of transition whether personal, professional or social

Individual counselling
Individual counseling provides an opportunity to work towards a way of living that is more fulfilling, positive and effective.
Executive development

Executive development offers tailor-made solutions suitable to corporations, empowering these businesses to face future challenges.

Psycho-spiritual retreats

Drawing on ancient techniques to achieve renewal: a deeper and broader experience of yourself within your life – this is the aim of retreats in New Delhi.


Rome is a vibrant intersection where living tradition, rich religious and cultural heritage meet with modern day corporate and social challenges.

Over 20 years of consultancy experience


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Sufi Retreat, Katwijk, the Netherlands

Sufi retreat 3,4&5 March 2017 at the temple in Katwijk and Dr. Witteveen's residence, the Netherlands

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Q + A with Karin Jironet, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Why the combination of Love + Power is the next big thing in leadership. This article was published on October 24, 2016 in issue 71 of 360 Magazine. To read and download the article please click here.

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Karin Jironet is spot-on. She has addressed "the elephant in the room", the real issues between people during this retreat making a difference for our business, the management team and myself.
Senior Vice President - ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam
Karin is extraordinarily gifted in bringing together business people representatives from the Vatican in important dialogues centered around ethics and good conduct. In these gatherings she creates a sense of unity where ideas and opinions have a privileged space for exploration within a group of very different people - it is a memorable experience to be part of.
Armando Castro Figueredo - International Affairs, Rome
Upon first impression, I was a bit intimidated by Dr. Jironet's presence and professional stature. However, getting down to business, this impression was displaced by the egalitarian and intuitive manner of working that prompted my best to emerge and guide me into channels I had not previously thought possible.
Susan de Shazo - V'Soske, Inc. New York
The consciousness of meditation became wholly a part of my life during this retreat, making work and private life more fulfilling.
Raoul Witteveen - Argo Capital, New York